HANGING INSTRUCTIONS for non-woven and metallic wallpapers

These instructions are for hanging all of our metallic wallpapers, and other non-wovens (Fan in red/white and Fan black/white)

All wallpapers are fire rated for use in commercial and residential interiors:
- European fire standard EN 15102 (B s1 d0)
- British Standard 476 part 6-6 fire propagation test (1989)
- British Standard 476 part 7 (1997)
- Class '0'
- Class A (USA)

To minimise the hazard in the event of fire, DO NOT hang wallpapers over the expanded polystyrene veneers or any other such highly flammable products and ensure wall-coverings are always firmly stuck down.


A ready mixed wallpaper adhesive is recommended eg 'Ready to use wallpaper adhesive', or 'Prepared Tub Paste' by Halls Beeline. Heavy Duty pastes should not be used.


Walls should be clean, firm and dry. Roughen any painted surfaces with glass/sandpaper. Remove any old wallcoverings and fill any holes and cracks. Plaster work should be sealed with an alkaline resistant primer or sealant. Scrape powdery or flaky areas and paint with a suitably prepared size, allowing it to dry completely.


Walls should be horizontallty cross-lined using a good quality lining paper and the lining paper should be sized, and allowed to dry thoroughly before hanging the wallpaper.


THE PASTE SHOULD BE APPLIED DIRECTLY TO THE WALL. It is advisable not to paste more than one length of the wall at a time. Use a plumb line (or spirit level and faint pencil line) to ensure the paper is vertical. Line up and smooth the paper onto the wall using a paperhangers brush from the centre of the length to the edge to expel air bubbles. Trim the top and bottom of the paper with a metal ruler and blade. After hanging 2-3 lengths check the wallpaper for any shading or printing faults. No claims will be accepted for more than one roll and any claim is strictly limited to the replacement of faulty wallpaper. It is recommended that the wallpaper should be left to dry overnight before inspection (good ventilation and an even temperature will assist the wallpaper to dry evenly).

Wallpaper care:

Remove surface marks by gently wiping the surface of the wallpaper with a moist sponge. Do not scrub or use any abrasive cleaning agents.

This information is supplied in good faith, but without guarantee and on the understanding that the installer will have decorating knowledge to work with differing site or atmospheric conditions.

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